What's In Store?

Everything you'd expect from a Foursquare store, plus a little bit more!

  • Groceries
  • Hot food
  • Cold drinks
  • Beer & Wine
  • Lotto
  • NZ Post Agent
  • Fuel, 91 Petrol & Diesel
  • Motor Oil
  • Swap-a-bottle LPG - 9kg
  • Ice
  • Bait
  • 24 Hour Fuel Stop

    Self-service pay-at-pump system available 24 hours.

    Accepts Eftpos, debit, Mobil and credit cards.

    Diesel & 91 petrol. Higher octane petrol not available.


    About Te Araroa

    Te Araroa is a small town approximately 17kms from East Cape, the most eastern point in New Zealand. Due to it's proximity to the international date line East Cape is one of the first places in the world to see the rising sun. Te Araroa means "The Long Path" in English. It is at the end of one of the most isolated roads in the North Island. The region is blessed with an abundance of seafood and wild game. Keen fishermen and hunters visit the area throughout the year.

    About Foursquare

    Foursquare is a co-operative group of convenience stores founded in 1924. Over the decades Foursquare stores became landmarks in their local communities serving generations of kiwis in all corners of the country. Today there are over 280 stores nationwide and Foursquare has become one of the most nostalgic and iconic brands in New Zealand.

    About Us

    Bill & Liz Koia have faithfully served the Te Araroa community since they bought the original Eastern Store in 1981. Eastern Store was so named because it is one of the eastern most grocery stores in the world! They became Foodstuffs members in 1982 and took on the Foursquare banner shortly after. Over the next 30 years they've added other services including fuel, NZ Post and Lotto. In 2013 the Foursquare shifted into the larger and newly renovated Farmers store across the road where it operates today.

    As Seen on TV

    Eastern Foursquare has been featured on national television! In this segment on TVNZ's Seven Sharp we celebrate Foursquare's 90th birthday.


    Ph: 06 8644 874



    Eastern Foursquare
    29 Rata Street
    Te Araroa 4087
    New Zealand


    9am - 6pm
    9am - 6pm
    9am - 6pm
    9am - 6pm
    9am - 6pm
    9am - 6pm
    10am - 1.30pm
    Times may vary